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Our Programs

Learn about our program offerings and where we currently work.

Program Offerings

Co-Serve is an organization that is much more about relationships than programs.  Co-Serve's mission is ultimately carried out by fostering a global network of relationships that support, encourage and learn from each other as they strive to cultivate communities of servant leadership in their unique locations.

Still, Co-Serve has developed a variety of programs that may be useful resources to communities as they endeavor to learn more about servant leadership.  These programs often involve elements of international partnership and exchange, reflecting Co-Serve's core value of developing international understanding.  Some of Co-Serve's primary programs, offered regularly throughout the world, include:

Principles of Servant Leadership Course.   This 30-hour course is designed to model the building of an open and accepting community that demonstrates the incredible value of each participant, their stories and their ideas.  Through a process of action and reflection, participants learn from their hearts and from each other, as they consider the values and principles of servant leadership, including the great value of people and relationships, the meaning of service, the unique purpose of each person, and the importance of serving in community.  This course is taught by experienced Co-Serve facilitators at locations around the world.
Mentor Program.   This program connects individuals with a mentor so that they can reflect together on the application of the principles of servant leadership in their lives.  The program involves 20 e-mail or Skype discussions between participants and their mentors over a 5-month period.  Using a workbook designed by Co-Serve, mentors and participants discuss a specific topic each week.
Servant Leadership Academies.   Co-Serve created its "Academy" program to help participants learn from real-life examples of leaders who are building servant leadership communities.  The Academy program operates as an intensive, 2-3 week, experiential learning process that brings together 10-15 participants from around the world.  These participants experience a series of servant leadership communities and reflect daily together on what they are learning.  One outcome of the program is that participants develop their own personal mission statement as a servant leader.
International Educators Academy (IEA).   This Academy program is an experience specifically designed for university teachers and administrators from Co-Serve's partner universities around the world.  In this experience, international educators are hosted by American colleges and universities that exemplify the principles of servant leadership - both in their administration and in the classroom.  Visiting educators are immersed in the life of the institution as they attend classes and faculty meetings, and as they meet individually with students, staff, faculty and administrators.  Co-Serve mentors work daily with the participants to debrief their experiences.  This program is usually held for 3 weeks for small groups of 2-3 participants. 
Education through Business Immersion (EBI).   The EBI program desires to build cross cultural understanding by inviting select students to spend 3 1/2 weeks in the USA, where they live with an American host family and have an internship experience at an American business.  Ideally, each student lives in a separate home and works in a separate business. This is primarily an educational experience where the student is introduced to and experiences the company‚Äôs mission, objectives and values.  The type of work is dependent on the type of businesses that offers to mentor a student.  EBI is only offered to those participants who have successfully completed the Principles of Servant Leadership Course, the Mentor Program, and a Servant Leadership Academy.  Applicants must also have an excellent ability in both written and conversational English.
International Leadership Exchange Programs (ILEP).   The ILEP program bring students together from around the world to consider their purpose as leaders.  The program involves a variety of group activities, including the opportunity to meet a number of recognized leaders in the community.  The program focuses on helping students share their lives with one another and to dream together about the kind of leaders that they want to be and the difference they can make in the world.  This program is usually held for 2-3 weeks for groups of 6-12 students. 
Community Building Demonstration Project.   In this program, participants put into practice many of the principles they have learned in other Co-Serve programs.  Participants work in teams over a 1-year period to complete a project that demonstrates servant leadership in their home community.  Each team is assigned a coach by Co-Serve who advises them as they complete their project.  Often the coach will help the team with individual personality/strengths assessments, to help them understand the unique potential and role of each member.  The project gives participants an extended opportunity to live out and practice, in community with each other, the principles of servant leadership that they have been learning.
Teaching Abroad Program (TAP).   Co-Serve partners with places of learning around the world including at international universities.  These universities are often interested in utilizing English-speaking teachers in their academic programs.  This presents a wonderful opportunity to serve these universities and to model the values of servant leadership in the classroom.  As a result, Co-Serve recruits volunteer teachers of English, Business, Humanities and other subjects to teach at international universities - for periods ranging from 2 weeks to 3 months.  Through this program, qualified volunteer teachers are hosted at an international university, with their lodging and meals provided.  Volunteer teachers must find a way to fund their own international travel to the university.

In some countries and contexts, Co-Serve operates an International Servant Leadership Program or "ISLP."  The ISLP combines the following four Co-Serve's program modules into a larger, two-year program:  Principles of Servant Leadership Course, Mentor Program, Servant Leadership Academy, and Community Building Demonstration Project.

Where We Work

Co-Serve currently works in the following countries in partnership with the listed organizations to help develop communities of servant leadership (you can click on the links to learn more about each organization):

Students in Kazakhstan participate in a Principles of Servant Leadership course.

Students in Ukraine participate in a Principles of Servant Leadership course.

Visiting Broetje Orchards in Washington during a Servant Leadership Academy.

Visiting GISI Marketing in Oregon during a Servant Leadership Academy.

A teacher from Kazakhstan participates in the IEA at Warner Pacific College in Portland, Oregon.

University students in Kazakhstan teach school children about leadership and their potential as part of their Community Building Demonstration Project.