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Co-Serve International


Co-Serve staff currently work to develop cultures of servant leadership at the following locations around the globe:

KAZAKHSTAN: The Kazakh-American Free University
UKRAINE: Borys Grinchenko Kiev University and Wisconsin International University Ukraine
PHILIPPINES: Center for Servant Leadership Philippines
AFGHANISTAN: Institute for Leadership Development and Afghans for Progressive Thinking
THAILAND: Karen Leadership Development Program
BRAZIL: Instituto Teológico Boa Terra
USA: Deschutes Economic Alliance (Bend, Oregon)

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Co-Serve is grateful for its partnership with the following organizations:

Center for Sharing
Warner Pacific College
Northwest University

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May, 2015 - Co-Serve in Ukraine.  Marshall Christensen worked with our colleagues at Borys Grinchenko Kiev University in Kiev to continue the university's culture of servant leadership program and to continue work with ISLP students.  This included the first ISLP alumni conference in Ukraine.  See photos on our Facebook page.

May, 2015 - Co-Serve in Kazakhstan.  This Spring, Co-Serve staff and volunteer teachers have been teaching and carrying out Co-Serve programs at the Kazakh-American Free University.  This included the first ISLP alumni conference in Kazakhstan.  See photos on our Facebook page.

March, 2015 - Teachers from Kazakhstan attend VIP Program in Oregon.  In partnership with Warner Pacific College, Co-Serve invited three teachers/administrators from Kazakhstan to the Visiting International Professor (VIP) Program, where they had an intensive 2-week experience learning about servant leadership in the classroom and in education.  See photos on our Facebook page.

March, 2015 - KAFU 20th Anniversary held in Portland.   The Kazakh-American Free University celebrated their 20th anniversary at Warner Pacific College on March 11.  Co-Serve is thankful for the approximately 100 people who attended, including those who have partnered with KAFU as host homes, host businesses, American universities, American churches, and American businesses.  See photos on our Facebook page.

December, 2014 - Deeper Life Retreat in the Philippines.   Co-Serve staff, Lu Hawley, held a deeper life retreat for students and staff of the Center for Servant Leadership Philippines (CSLP).  Leaders of the Karen Leadership Development Program will also visit CSLP to share ideas on building servant leadership communities.  See photos on our Facebook page.

November, 2014 - Thailand Seminar.   Dan Ballast visited the Karen Leadership Development Program in Chiang Mai, Thailand and held a servant leadership seminar for their students, mentors and board members.

Learn how you can become a sponsor of our 2015 Servant Leadership Academy on our Academy Sponsor Page.

July, 2015 - The 2015 Servant Leadership Academy.  The 2015 Servant Leadership Academy will be held in the northwest United States from July 6-24 for students from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Afghanistan.  Academy students can click HERE to learn more about the Academy and its schedule.

July 23, 2015 - Servant Leadership Academy Graduation.  Please join us for the 2015 Servant Leadership Academy graduation ceremony which will be held at 6:00pm on July 23 in McGuire Auditorium at Warner Pacific College.  Learn more and join the event on our Facebook page.

July - August, 2015 - EBI Program in Oregon.  The 2015 Education through Business Immersion Program (EBI) will be held from July 24 - August 17.  The program will immerse 5 students from Kazakhstan in American businesses while they live with American host families. Click HERE to learn more.

Creating University Cultures of Leadership.  In this book by Marshall Christensen, Marshall shares about the need and strategy for changing the leadership cultures at universities in order to prepare graduates who can confront our world's leadership crisis.  Learn more and order paper or Kindle versions on our Resources Page.

Breaking the King Saul Syndrome. This book by Jonathan Martin explores the great temptation of leadership - to build your own kingdom, and its cure - to give the kingdom away to others.  Learn more and order paper or Kindle versions on our Resources Page.

Building Servant Leadership Communities.  Using this discussion guide, you can help your group grow as a community while you learn together about servant leadership.  Learn more and order copies on our Resources Page.

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