Support our students and partners attending our 2022 summer programs in Oregon.


For the first time in three years, Co-Serve has decided to hold two important face-to-face summer programs in Portland this year. In July we will gather our global students for our Servant Leadership Academy and in August we will gather our global staff and partners for our Partners Conference. In the midst of global crises that are affecting many of our partners and students, we believe this is an important time to gather, learn, and encourage one another as we pursue the work of developing servant leaders in a world that desperately needs them.

Our 2022 Servant Leadership Academy

Co-Serve's Servant Leadership Academy (or "Academy") is designed to help students learn from real-life examples of servant leadership. Over 16 days in July, the Academy will introduce students to a series of amazing organizations in the Portland and Bend areas which are striving to live according to servant leadership principles. These examples of love and service, found in businesses, non-profits, and education, have a powerful impact on students. Through these experiences, Co-Serve staff work with students to help them consider their own purpose in life.

Many students from our partner countries are hoping to attend our Academy this year. In the midst of many challenges (including getting visas and vaccines and fluctuating ticket costs), we are currently anticipating that at least 18 students from Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Thailand, and even Afghanistan will attend. This is a higher number than we originally even expected. The cross-cultural context of the Academy creates a wonderful opportunity for Co-Serve staff to model how an accepting and empowering community can be built with people from different backgrounds and perspectives.

Our 2022 Partners Conference

After the Academy, for 7 days in August, Co-Serve will be gathering our global staff together with our partners from our six partner organizations in six countries. The primary purpose of this time is to learn together, to share our experiences with each other, to encourage one another, and to develop a shared vision for how we can continue to work together to develop servant leaders around the world. We are now expecting at least 16 of the leaders from our partner organizations, can join us during this time. This is more than we were originally even hoping for. These are the leaders of: the KAFU Servant Leadership Center (Kazakhstan), the BGKU Servant Leadership Center (Ukraine), the Karen Leadership Development Program (Thailand), Harvest Leadership Community in Africa (Nigeria), Shepherd's Home of Servant Leadership (Philippines),and the Institute for Leadership Development (Afghanistan). Approximately 14 of our American staff, champions, and board members will join these international partners during this event.


As we work to gather at least 18 of our global students for our Academy and at least 16 of our global partners for our Partners Conference, we need your help. We are facing similar financial needs for each program. These students and partners will cover most of the costs of their international travel to these programs, which reflects a large investment on their part during these difficult times. Co-Serve needs to raise $750 per student or partner to cover our costs for hosting them in Oregon for these two programs. This includes the cost of local travel, meals, materials, special events, insurance, and some travel assistance for those in financial need.

Co-Serve is seeking sponsors through our Scholarship Fund who can help fund all or part of the $750 cost for each student or partner. With a total of 34 students and partners attending these events, this represents a total need of $25,500. Your gift of any amount will be carefully used to help us host each of these 18 students and 16 partners this summer. Please choose an option below to make your donation to support our Scholarship Fund. If you have any questions, or if you would like to designate your gift to support a particular student or partner, please send us an e-mail at info@co-serve.org.


Mail a check, payable to "Co-Serve International," to:

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Please include a short note with your check, indicating "Scholarship Fund."  A paper receipt will be mailed to you promptly.


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