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Summer 2017 Programs

Each summer, Co-Serve operates experiential programs that expose students from around the world to amazing examples of leadership, while bringing them into intentional communities where they can grow in their understanding of their own purpose.

Summer 2017 Programs Overview

Why we operate our summer leadership programs.

A question students often raise while taking Co-Serve courses is, "Do these principles really work in real-life?"  The goal of Co-Serve's summer leadership programs is to help students experience real-life servant leadership  in at least four ways:  First, our programs expose students to some amazing examples of servant leaders and servant leadership communities, where students can engage with these people and places.  Second, our programs form and model safe communities of staff and students, where students can grow in their understanding of self and their purpose.  Third, our programs bring students from significantly different cultures together, allowing them to grow in their understanding of others.  And, finally, our programs create the space and opportunities for Co-Serve staff to build deeper relationships as they mentor students.  Historically, our summer programs have made a great impact on the hearts of students, as they see the love and lives of people living as servant leaders and as they experience a community where they can find their own voice and calling as a servant leader.

Our 2017 Summer Leadership Programs.

This summer of 2017, we will be holding three programs for students from around the world:

Our Servant Leadership Academy will be held in Kiev, Ukraine from June 24 - July 10, and bring together at least 15 students from Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The "Academy" will expose students to some amazing examples of servant leadership in Ukraine, demonstrating that these principles are not just an "American idea."  The Academy will also use a variety of group activities to help students think more deeply about servant leadership, the importance of community, and their own call to serve others.  Co-Serve staff will be actively involved daily as mentors throughout the Academy.

Our first International Leadership Exchange Program (ILEP) will be held in and around Denver, Colorado from July 14 - August 1, and bring together at least 7 students from Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and the USA.  This program will help students consider their purpose as they experience some excellent companies and organizations in Colorado and engage in a number of fun and learning activities together.  Students will live with carefully selected host homes in the area.

Our Education through Business Immersion Program (EBI) will be held in Portland, Oregon from August 3-28.  This unique program immerses students in the life of a single company or organization that demonstrates the principles of servant leadership, allowing students to more deeply experience the life and relationships of a servant leadership community.  Students will live with carefully selected host homes in the area.

Sponsoring a 2017 Summer Program Student

We need your help.  Co-Serve's summer leadership programs represent a very real opportunity to invest in the lives of young people who are poised to be future leaders in their country.  There will be at least 15 students from Kazakhstan and Ukraine attending our Academy in Kiev, and at least 5 students from Afghanistan and Kazakhstan attending the ILEP in Colorado.  In addition to support from Co-Serve's Board of Directors, the students themselves, and our partners in these places, Co-Serve needs to raise $375 per student (or a total of $7,500) to help operate these two programs this summer.  Would you please consider sponsoring a student, fully or in part?  Even a partial sponsorship of $25, $50 or $100 will go a long way to help us.

There are two ways that you can make a donation as a sponsor:

1. Using your credit card or PayPal account.

Clicking on the "Donate" button below will take you to Co-Serve's PayPal payment page for our 2017 summer leadership programs, where you can pay with your credit card or PayPal account.  Enter your donation amount on the page.  Charges will appear on your credit card statement as "CO-SERVE."

2. By check.

Mail a check, payable to "Co-Serve International," to:

Co-Serve International
P.O. Box 2099
Sandy, OR  97055

Please include a short note with your check, indicating "2017 Summer Leadership Program Sponsor."

Receipts for all check donations will be mailed to you promptly.  Receipts will be sent by e-mail for all PayPal/credit card donations. 

The Marshall Christensen Foundation DBA Co-Serve International, with federal tax identification #93-1230131, is a tax exempt non-profit organization under 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code; it is also classified as a public charity under Section 509(a)(2) of the Code.  All donations to Co-Serve International for the 2017 summer programs are tax deductible under section 170 of the Code.

Our Progress and our Summer Program Sponsors

We are incredibly thankful for those listed below that have agreed to sponsor Co-Serve's 2017 summer leadership programs.  Thanks to these sponsors, as of today, Co-Serve has raised $6,280 of the $7,500 it needs to operate these programs this summer. 

Our 2017 Summer Leadership Program Sponsors

Marshall & Joy Christensen
Thomas and Rebecca Files
Troy and Alexis Kolar
Tom Smart
Gary and Sally Soper
Jeff and Coralee Stevens
Northwest University
Veronica Mckay

Students share about their talents during the 2016 Kiev Servant Leadership Academy

Visiting the Law and Justice Legal Center during the 2016 Kiev Servant Leadership Academy

Visiting a hippotherapy center during the 2016 Kiev Servant Leadership Academy

Meeting with a local pizza restaurant owner during the 2016 Kiev Servant Leadership Academy