Learn about Co-Serve publications that can serve as resources in your community.

Co-Serve staff have written the following books and resources on developing servant leadership communities. To order any of these publications, please write to us at We will respond promptly and inform you the best way to obtain these resources.

Breaking the King Saul Syndrome by Jonathan Martin.
This book by Jonathan Martin, author of Giving Wisely, is a prophetic and challenging call to all leaders, and in particular church leaders, about the true nature of leadership. The temptation for all leaders, even those who genuinely want to serve and help their followers, is to build their own kingdom. This was the very temptation faced by King Saul, and identified by Jonathan Martin as the "King Saul Syndrome." This book reveals a dramatically different and radical approach to leadership - the same approach modeled in the Bible by Jonathan, John the Baptist, the Apostle Paul and Jesus. This book explains this approach to leadership and the cure for the King Saul Syndrome - giving the kingdom away to others.  This is an important and must read for anyone in a leadership position who wants to do leadership the right way.

Creating University Cultures of Leadership by Marshall Christensen.
This book shares about the critical need to change the leadership cultures at universities and higher education institutions to prepare graduates who can confront the leadership crisis in the world. Marshall shares from his heart and from his experiences in this book, as he takes the reader on a journey to higher education institutions around the world and their efforts to change their leadership culture to a culture of servant leadership. From Portland, Oregon to Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan; from Kiev, Ukraine to Mindoro, Philippines, Marshall shows us that change is possible, even in institutions with years of "command-and-control" leadership cultures and traditions. In this book, Marshall outlines a clear strategy for changing a university's culture and he introduces an important set of standards that can be used to certify that universities are modeling a new way - the way of servant leadership.

Building Servant Leadership Communities by Dan Ballast.
This discussion guide will help your department, team, or small group grow as a community as they learn about servant leadership. Servant leaders create a safe place for people - where they can be known and celebrated for their true self and empowered to know and follow their unique purpose and call as part of an interdependent community. In any context, whether in churches, schools or businesses, building open and trusting communities is essential to servant leadership.  Building Servant Leadership Communities will help your group to consider together 16 servant leadership concepts. This guide is focused on helping groups of people model these principles with each other and in each person's actions and behavior. If taken seriously, this guide will not only help you to learn about communities of servant leadership - it will help you to become a community of servant leadership.

Principles of Servant Leadership Course
Co-Serve International is now making available the full facilitator and student materials for its 20-session course on the Principles of Servant Leadership. This interactive, experiential course is intended for groups of up to 15 people and contains detailed instructions for facilitating and debriefing numerous activities, discussions and video clips.