Learn about our plans and how you can support our 2020 Servant Leadership Academy programs in Kazakhstan and Oregon.

The 2020 Academy Programs

Co-Serve's Servant Leadership Academy (or "Academy") programs are a significant time for students as they consider their own purpose in life as servant leaders. These programs introduce students to real-life examples of people and communities who have chosen to live according to servant leadership principles. These are found in businesses, non-profits, educational institutions and in government offices. These examples of love and service have a powerful impact on students as they consider their own path in life. The Academy program is set up as a series of experiences. Using regular times of reflection and journaling, Co-Serve staff help students process what they are learning each day.

In 2020, Co-Serve will hold two Academy programs - in Kazakhstan and Oregon. The Kazakhstan program will be held in Oskemen, Kazakhstan in partnership with the Kazakh-American Free University. NOTE: Due to the Corona virus situation, the Kazakhstan program will be postponed. The new dates are still being determined. The Kazakhstan program introduces students to many emerging examples of servant leadership in the country including our own graduates who are now leading their own organizations. The Oregon Academy will be held from July 15 - August 1 in Portland and includes experiences with great examples of servant leadership in the Portland area.

In 2020, the two Academy programs will bring together students from Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Thailand. In this cross-cultural context, the Academy works to model the building of a loving and accepting community where each person is free to consider their true self, along with their unique gifts, passions and purpose. Co-Serve staff lead a variety of activities and discussions to help in this process. As a result, the Academy serves to help students see how a strong community can be built with people from different perspectives and backgrounds that serves and empowers each person.

The Need

Our challenge each year is to help our students from around the world to attend our Servant Leadership Academies. In 2020, we anticipate a record number of 35 students will attend our two programs - with about 20 students attending the program in Kazakhstan and 15 students attending the program in Oregon. Every student will be covering part of the cost of their attendance. Many students will cover all of the cost of their international travel and pay a small fee toward the cost of the program itself. For some students facing difficult economic situations, Co-Serve will help to cover part of the cost of their travel.

We calculate that we will need $17,500, in addition to the money invested by the students, to cover the cost of the two Academy programs. This includes the cost of local travel, meals, lodging, special events, and materials during the programs. This also includes the cost of helping some students with their travel. As such, Co-Serve is asking for your help to raise $17,500 to fund our 2020 Academy Scholarship Fund. For 35 students, this is a need of $500 per student. Your gift of any amount will be used to create this much needed fund. Please choose an option below to make your donation to support the 2020 Academy Scholarship Fund. If you have any questions, or if you would like to designate your gift to support a particular Academy program or student, please send us an e-mail at info@co-serve.org.


Mail a check, payable to "Co-Serve International," to:

Co-Serve International
P.O. Box 2099
Sandy, OR  97055

Please include a short note with your check, indicating "Academy Scholarship Fund."  A paper receipt will be mailed to you promptly.


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